• Wedding Photography
    • Professional quality photography requires not only a dedicated and interested Photographer, but also professional grade equipment.  Wedding Photography is an art form that presents demands on the photographer before, during and after the wedding, and it is the dedication and skills needed to respond to those demands that set some photographers apart from the others. 

      You do not need a 'salesperson' providing these critical services for your once-in-a-lifetime event.  You need a skilled and experienced photographer who is appropriately equipped for the task.
  • Engagements
    • For your Engagement Photos, we can take that special location you choose and get unique and artistic images. Nearly as important as your wedding photos, your engagement session should never be overlooked. This private photography session gives us the opportunity to get to know one another. It’s the dry run, the test drive, the equivalent to the rehearsal dinner.
  • Sporting Events Photography
    • Auto Racing
    • Hockey
    • Basketball
    • Football
    • Baseball
  • Portrait Photography
    • Creating the ideal portrait isn't always easy. However, you won't have to worry about how photogenic you are. Working with clients of all ages, from babies to adults, to create affordable, high-quality portraits that are made to last. Available to produce a variety of portraits, including:
      • Baby portraits
      • Executive portraits
      • Headshots
      • School Portraits
  • Family Photos
    • Timeless and real.  Family portraits tell a story about your family at this very moment in time.  Spend the time capturing the relationships and personalities of everyone in your family.  It’s a glimpse into the time of your family’s life and through the images, you will see your beautiful family from the outside looking in.
  • Maternity & Newborn Photography
    • Maternity photos capture the beauty and intense emotion of this special time. Pregnancy is a life-changing experience, and these invaluable memories are captured as art, and are infused with the excitement and anticipation of pregnancy. Focusing on the shape, shadows, and emotions of pregnancy, and most importantly, capturing the joy of motherhood, and the special bond between parents and child.

      These and newborn photos are a perfect way to make every minute count. Newborn sessions are typically scheduled within the first 48 months of the childs life.  These photos some of the most intimate, and set up for the shoot is whereever you and your baby will be most comfortable.
  • Event Photography
    • Perfect for galas and other social functions, marketing events, conferences, meetings, trade shows, PR & media events
  • Charity & Non-Profit Photgraphy
    • Great for fundraisers and special events as well as marketing materials and social media




"An amazing photographer who can capture the true meaning of any situation...in sport, in life, in love.  If you want a story told by photograph, Amber's who you need to talk to!"